Drawing, illustration & Conceptual Art
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Syracuse University- Dress Study- I have my students draw a dress from the costume collection and I come in the next day to draw it for myself. 1. “Tight” pencil drawing/study     2.  “loose” ink drawing with washes
Octopus study- charcoal, ink, foil 30 x 48
Gangs of New York- NYU Film concept design- acrylic color rendering *see my Film design page for more*
Gangs of New York- NYU Film concept design- Black and White concept art
Stepping Out- Angel Walls-  Line art for the sample, to see if this idea would work     Set walls front lit with their Angels appearing with back light.
Once On This Island concept sketches
Dress study NYU
Lighting Studies NYU
The Trial- concept art- ink, white pencil on grey paper
The Privateers- concept art Ballroom
Spaceport- this was developed in VectorWorks 3D then rendered in pencil   and marker.
Savage in Limbo- ink concept drawing- NYU