Film Design and Art Direction
My Homework Ate My Dog- USC  Thesis Short
Action Figures- Independent Short
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My Homework Ate My Dog-   USC  Thesis Short  Scenic models and Actual Sets
My Homework Ate My Dog-   USC  Thesis Short- Green Screen Art and stills
The Counter- USC Thesis Short-  Scenic Rendering and Set Stills- Shot at the USC soundstages
Wunderkammer- Cal Arts Thesis Short- Dressed Sets and Film Stills
Wunderkammer-  Dining Room- Taxidermy and real birds, we had live Roosters, Hens, Doves, Pigeons and a Peacock on set.
Wunderkammer- Bedroom Set
Gangs of New York- NYU Film concept design
Gangs of New York- Color Rendering
Gangs of New York- Reverse View
Gangs of New York- Black and White Rendering
Gangs of New York- For this project I delved into the history, real life locations and decided that the best way to get an accurate concept was to design and build a model town to draw from and compose my designs.  In this, I discovered that the sculpture of the buildings was as important to the mood of the film as the history, period and context.
The Trial by Franz Kafka- NYU concept design
Huld’s Bedroom, from doorway
Huld’s Bedroom, another view
Artist’s Loft
Artist’s Loft, reverse view