Lighting Design
Manlius Pebble Hills- Macbeth Baseball show
Unatego High School- Wizard of Oz Robin Hood Beauty and the Beast
Syracuse University Dance- Wolfskinder
Wolfskinder- A Dance and movement piece at Syracuse University Spring 2015,  Narration and movement tell the story of two children found in a jungle in India, raised by a wolf mother and living in a giant ant hill.  This piece used accounts of real children found in India in the 1920’s, mixed with poetry. Scott Holdredge -Lighting Designer  Lauren Unbekant Director and Choreographer
My overall concept was to keep the light low, at the children’s level, in their world and let the other characters move in and out of the peripheral light and shadows.  I also created a skim light that would catch the dancers finger tips, inspired by rehearsals, I noticed many of the poses had hands and fingers raised up.  I wanted them to break through the surface of the dark and catch the light.  Using the aisle format of this black box space, with audience on opposite sides, I utilized the backwall and took advantage of the shadow play created by the dancers.
Manlius Pebble Hills-   Macbeth 2014, unit set with rope panels controlled by the ever present witches. Lighting concept- to use strong beams of light to create a sense of castle hallways and with contrasting shadow areas for the actors to move in and out of. The Heath was contrasted with general soft light with color in  the peripheral and corners to create depth.      Scenic and Lighting Design & Technical Direction by Scott Holdredge
Manlius Pebble Hills-  The Baseball Show- Middle School play 2014.  I used elements of the baseball field to satisfy the various locations within the play which         allowed scenes to flow seamlessly.                                     Scenic and Lighting Design & Technical Direction by Scott Holdredge
Wizard of Oz -Unatego High School -2013.  For the “Lions and Tigers and Bears . . .” scene I created a cut drop inspired by a paper artist, who used cut paper to create images.  I used this to create an ambiguous, scary forest when side lit.  When back lit the Lions, Tigers, Bears and witches were revealed                                      Scenic and Lighting Design & Technical Direction by Scott Holdredge
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